Yes, life can be fabulous after teen-motherhood!

poem with paint

Twenty-six years ago I became a teen mother of twins.  I was mortified and felt I’d never endure the process.   So much fear and anxiety, has turned into love and gratitude.  I wrote this poem not for my beloved twins, but because of them.  Because I learned so much, was so blessed, learned that life is worth living and that teen-motherhood is not only “survivable” but blessedly wonderful.    To all current teen moms, please know there is lots of light and love “at the end of this tunnel”.   It may be hard, sleepless, worrisome, painful, emotionally draining, frustrating, never-ending, seemingly hopeless, terribly expensive and daunting, but it is doable, amazing and will yield you fulfillment beyond description.


Oh, Epic Day!

It’s a grand, glorious, and epic day when you realize, not that you have something to say; something to teach; and something to give; but rather when you realize that you will do so regardless of whether there is a listener, a student, or a recipient at the other end.  Why?  Because as insignificant as ‘a drop in a bucket’ may seem, the reality is that a full bucket will not be complete without every drop within it.  I cannot fill the “bucket” of this world, but I can and will leave my personal “drop” which is unique and exclusive to me, to my character, and which is unreproducible. Hence, no one can represent what I have to say, teach, give, or share better than I can. Thank you world [Lord] for letting me be a ‘drop in your bucket’ of life even sans an audience.

Why is this epic versus mundane?  Because, this is my world and i say so as I stated before, this is a place to recycle, reconfigure, and redefine personal perspectives into “usable” emotional material.  Thus, having spent a large portion of my life in an ambivalent state somewhere between “emotional invisibility” and feelings of  “cosmic irrelevancy”, I’ve now chosen to upcycle and “make-over” my out-dated, unusable, beat-up perspective into a serviceable and functional one.  Thus, it is epic to me to have finally realized that  personal value and self-worth are innate and unalienable.  In other words, I don’t live to become valuable; I am valuable because I live!