I offer a place to share the insights, life-lessons, and thoughts of all who may have learned (or failed to learn) something along the way of what is commonly called: life.    It’s a place to challenge our psyche to take the most painful experience(s) we have ever dealt with and transform and redefine them into something, if nothing else, understandable, shareable and rateable.

This is a place to convert and upcycle our past experiences into the raw material with which we begin to build our glorious future.

I don’t believe we need to suffer to learn; but I do believe that if we do suffer, we should learn!  At a very minimum, learn that you don’t want to learn, and that you want to stay in a regrettable pattern.  Even that is learning and growing…..

With billions of people now inhabiting & overtaking our planet and the net, I wanted an ‘e-place’, which is symbolic and evocative of the hidden cubby I’d run to as a child for safety and emotional security.  This is that same place for me, albeit electronically, and I hope you too feel welcome and safe.


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