About Me

As a recovering “regret-er” of so many things I cannot change in my life, I decided to wholeheartedly embrace and redefine my  alleged “regrets”.   After all, those challenges having now been overcome (some successfully, some not so successfully), have molded and created the person who is now uniquely me.   As such is the case, then I submit that there is no one else like me. And if that is the case; then I further submit that I’m pretty darn special and worthy of acknowledging it;  if to nobody else, then to myself:   “Self, meet someone very unique and special: yourself”.   (yes, I have a not-so funny sense of humor).

I’m passionate about learning, reading, enlightened perspectives, writing, personal growth & emotional/physical healing, and finding the interesting or witty within the mundane.  I’m slightly cynical & mildly jaded (which I lovingly call:  “whimsically eccentric”).  I love world travel, food, and LOTS of Sunshine!   I’m a mother of multiples, a former teen mother, I’m a sister, a wife, a friend, a God lover/Spiritual person.   I’m curious, inquisitive, and [unaggressively] argumentative. In short, i’m alot of things; the most important being simply that I am.  

Welcome to my blog, where regret, pain, sorrow, confusion, anger has been re-defined as:  “My future is my past -but gloriously perfected”!


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