Living and Loving as an Introvert

I’m often labeled as anti-social, a hermit, anti-people, or conceited, when the reality is that I’m simply an introvert (which is NOT synonymous with those labels)! It’s simply an innate personality trait which is nothing to be ashamed of or to be mocked. I invite any who fail to understand the working mind and behavior of an introvert to feast and educate yourself on this article, written beautifully by a fellow introvert…. she took every word right out of my mouth. Thank you Dorkymum!


good advice

*stands up*

*shuffles nervously*

*clears throat*

Hello. My name’s Ruth and I am an introvert.

Would you believe that it has taken me 31 years to say that?

Most of those years have been taken up with saying other things. No, I’m not anti-social. No, I’m not shy. No, it’s not that I hate people, or that I hate you, or that I’m a badly brought up Awkward Annie.

I’m just an introvert.

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