Oh, Epic Day!

It’s a grand, glorious, and epic day when you realize, not that you have something to say; something to teach; and something to give; but rather when you realize that you will do so regardless of whether there is a listener, a student, or a recipient at the other end.  Why?  Because as insignificant as ‘a drop in a bucket’ may seem, the reality is that a full bucket will not be complete without every drop within it.  I cannot fill the “bucket” of this world, but I can and will leave my personal “drop” which is unique and exclusive to me, to my character, and which is unreproducible. Hence, no one can represent what I have to say, teach, give, or share better than I can. Thank you world [Lord] for letting me be a ‘drop in your bucket’ of life even sans an audience.

Why is this epic versus mundane?  Because, this is my world and i say so as I stated before, this is a place to recycle, reconfigure, and redefine personal perspectives into “usable” emotional material.  Thus, having spent a large portion of my life in an ambivalent state somewhere between “emotional invisibility” and feelings of  “cosmic irrelevancy”, I’ve now chosen to upcycle and “make-over” my out-dated, unusable, beat-up perspective into a serviceable and functional one.  Thus, it is epic to me to have finally realized that  personal value and self-worth are innate and unalienable.  In other words, I don’t live to become valuable; I am valuable because I live!



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